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Oh, wait. Do ask, actually.

Because I just drew... This!

Oh, c'mon, I's not my fault that we don't have mermaid!au yet. 
(I enjoy the tail, mostly. Bubbles are bad, I couldn't find any bubble photoshop brush that worked, so I had to do one myself)

Click on the picture for the... bigger and better version!

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I may or may not be writing Cabin Pressure fanfiction...

Hint, I am. And God help me, I hope it will be readable.

PS. this post came into being only because I have nothing better to do now. Sue me.
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Actually I've no damn idea what I should post here. All texts I ever started are undone, and if I want to post somewhere my arts and drawings I've deviantArt. Maybe I could submit here some of my photos. Well, from time to time I have to post something.

Ok then, I'll post photo. And write something. Em... since yesterday I've 19 years old. And well, I think when collagen starts to disappearing from your skin you don't want to remember 'bout your birthday. Before 18 there was same thrill in it, some happiness... But now there can be only worse and worse. I feel old.

Weeeeeeell whatever. Now I can tell that "feeling old" isn't so different from "feeling young". Maybe that means I’ve never been young? Lol.

Some goodies happened recently too. If "goodies" can also "happen". I find my vocation. I don't want to be an art historian anymore... Well, actually I never wanted, I wanted to become a teacher of history of art in some art school. I wanted to become an illustrator, before I realized that in Poland are any specializations for them. Buuuuut! We have here some illustrators, so I'll try to become one for sure. For sure! And in next year, when I'll do a degree work, I'll draw illustrations! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

You'll see, people!

Now some random pics:
Life still I drew two years ago.
Wilson’s Park, my favorite park in Poznań.
My cousin, smoking My cousin, smoking.

Oh, and I was on Depeche Mode concert 10.02.2010 in Łódź, with my sister and her friends! It was great! Really. If DM come to Poland again I'll definitely come!
my sister and friends, after concert. After concert, my sister and friends (she's wearing white shirt).



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